Content Writer. Copy Editor. Proofreader.

Hi! I'm Deshnee.

I write and edit blog posts, magazine features, news articles, and e-books. I have a special interest in health/wellness, personal development, and online education.


What can I do for you?

Content Writing - I write blog posts and articles that leave out the jargon, the convoluted sentences, and those ridiculously long words that no one has time to look up just to understand what you're saying.

Copyediting - Blog posts, articles, books, or even an online course? I can help you check for errors in grammar, spelling, and style - among various other little niggles. I'll also help check the facts in your written piece while keeping everything consistent.

Proofreading - Have you already had your work copyedited? I can give it a final run-through, looking for those minor errors that are so very easy to miss. I'll fine-tune your work to help you put your best work out into the world.

About Deshnee

I'm a journalism graduate with training in copyediting, proofreading and magazine feature writing. I love words, personal development and online learning.

I worked in the media for 5 years (I was a journalist and a copyeditor for a national daily newspaper in South Africa) before making the switch to freelance writing then e-learning where I currently work as a proofreader for an international online high school.

I live in Johannesburg with my fiancé where I attempt to keep at least one of our many balcony plants alive but to be honest, my thumbs are pure black. Some of my obsessions include Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and ice-cream. What else do you need for a night at home?

For those of you who like getting to know people through their star signs/personality tests, here are my stats: Virgo, INTP, Enneagram Type 6w5, Slytherin.


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Contact Me

Do you feel overwhelmed by the content you need to put on your blog or website?

Struggling to get your book edited or proofread before publication day?

Feel free to contact me to discuss a content plan or an editing package.

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